"I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis upon the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement." ~Calvin Coolidge

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm actually updating my blog!

Well I can't believe it but I am actually sitting down in front of my computer and composing a post.

Since my last post in January I am indeed alive and very well, of course please don't think that it has all been a bed of roses. I told you that I had plans of going to a smaller department. That has now evolved and taken shape however, it is not with the original choice as previously planned. I had to change that plan simply because of the greedy nasty ex living in that county. It was truly a great choice and one that I feel was right on time. I will be starting as a patrolman on October 5th and I am very excited. I went yesterday to get my identification card and a number of other necessities needed to do the job that I absolutely love. Aza went with me to get my uniforms sized and ordered. Thanks to her a size 38 in the waist does not fit anymore so I had to get a 40!!!!!!!!! I am not happy with that but boy do I love her cooking! Speaking of Aza, wow what a woman and best friend. It has been quite a year, she has been right there beside me supporting me all the way. It's such a great feeling to have unconditional love, respect and support from somebody that asks for nothing in return. Let me explain and share just one thing.

On July 17th I was at work and received a message from a co worker to call my attorney. This was 11am on a Friday. I called and was told that my greedy ass ex-wifes attorney filed a motion that was signed by a Judge stating that I was to pay him 5 thousand dollars by noon or turn myself into jail to serve a term of 180 days. I of course threw a fit but had to quickly compose myself. I immediately called Aza who in turn went right to work (she works best under pressure.) Within 45 minutes she had 5 thousand dollars waiting for me to pay that unethical bastard. I was floored by her offer but not surprised. I told her I wanted to go by my bank to see if they would give me the money so I didn't have to burden her with all that. Amazingly even though the ex has systematically attempted to destroy my credit, my bank came through for me and I paid the bastard. Now, here's where it gets unethical. Not only did I have to pay him 5k, he put in the order that I was to pay her another 1 thousand a month on top of the 3 thousand she already gets because he said that I was almost 17 thousand dollars in arrears from back bridge the gap alimony that I failed to pay. I was livid as was Aza. I immediately called the depository and was told that I owed absolutely nothing and had a zero balance. I called my attorney and am still waiting on a court date. Needless to say the nasty ex didn't get a penny. She was also supposed to give me the car back in February, I still haven't received it. We filed a Motion for Contempt. Why should I have to comply and she doesn't?!

The alimony is suppose to end this month but they took it out of my check again, so I am praying that it ends by my next check. I am so sick and tired of this woman that I could just throw up. Oh, I forgot she conned another dumbass like me to buy her a new car. She is driving a brand new 2009, while her daughter I am sure is driving my 2007, which I am going to trade as soon as I get it. So as you can see after all that my girl has been right by my side.

Aza has really kept me busy playing golf. I can safely say that I probably played over 50 rounds of golf this year. I am shooting in the low 80's now on a consistent basis and Aza is shooting in the 90's. I am so proud of her, she practices so hard and really tries to improve every round we play. I'll tell you what I absolutely love about her. I will get off work and come home to find her decked out in her golf gear looking adorable telling me to get dressed it's time to play some golf. I love that!

I had to put my dog to sleep that came with the property I live on. I cried like a baby. I was just devastated but it was time, she was 16 years old and very sick. Aza is a animal lover as you know and found a beautiful Shepherd/Collie mix that was chained up in the back of a yard for 4+ months, we went to see him and I fell in love the minute I saw him. He has fit right into the family. He is house broken, great with the kitties and is very handsome. So you can just see how happy he is that he has a solid home and people that love him.

Here's Gunny...

As far as the current job goes I have really enjoyed my time at the courthouse and really it was the right thing to do at the time. I have made tremendous contacts. I golf with Judges, go shrimping with State Attorneys at another Judges house which I took care of for 10 days while he and his wife were at their house in North Carolina. I have made wonderful friends that I hate to leave but it's just not for me. I am good at what I do and what I do is police work not sit around on my expanding butt behind closed doors everyday.

So I was playing golf with Aza a few days ago and my phone rang. I saw it was the other agencies number. I answered it and it was the Sheriff calling asking me if I was ready to come to work! I of course said yes, when and where. I had to do another physical and drug screen to be updated. I was at the golf course day before yesterday with Aza and the phone rang again. This time it was the Sergeant in charge of Human Resources. He said, “Are you ready to start work on October 5th?” I was ecstatic and accepted the job without hesitation. So I will be on the street again doing what I love best with a drama free home life. All I have to worry about is when the next day off is and where Aza booked our next tee time!

I will keep you posted on the progress.

I'm Out and We'll Talk Later!!!!