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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hollywood Divorce Update, Breaking News

Well, I don't know if I should laugh, cry, be mad, or rejoice but here it goes. I finally got THE call at 4:15 pm yesterday. My attorney asked me, “What do you think the decision was?” I replied with, “Who the hell knows!?”

So this is what it all came down to. The lying, deceptive bitch will get a lump sum of $25 thousand dollars and for the next 6 months I will pay her $1750 a month, plus pay her insurance of $500 dollars each month. After that first 6 months it will drop to only the $500 dollars for insurance for the last 6 months. So basically she is only getting 6 months of “bridge the gap” alimony, $25 grand and a years worth of medical insurance. Overall I am happy with that because 6 months of alimony could have very easily ended up being 5 years of alimony. The judge saw through the b.s.

Now comes the really, really screwed up part. Her attorney said in open court that he had accumulated about $9 thousand dollars in fees that he felt I should pay, but yesterday that figure jumped to $18 thousand dollars that I was ordered to pay. I also have to come up with $3500 dollars within 10 days to pay him. After the first 6 months of paying the bitch, I have to begin paying his fees which broken down will be $1083.00 a month till it's paid off. Well today the judge was looking over the order and had a pretty good laugh when he saw 9K go to 18K over night. He told my attorney that I would only be responsible for $10 thousand of it and the bitch could pay the rest. Regardless, I still have to come up with $3500 immediately. What really burns my ass is that her attorney shouldn't get a damn dime, my first responsibility is to MY attorney.

This is going to be a tremendous burden on me for at least 6 months but I am very happy that it was not permanent alimony or for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years. I am very pissed off that her attorney has inflated his fees, I hope he chokes in his sleep. The dilemma I am faced with now is what do I do with the car. There's no way I can pay $640.00 a month on top of what I am having to pay. I am going to make her give me the car back so I can try and get rid of it somehow. She has already ruined my credit once when her ridiculous spending habits forced us through bankruptcy. I am just now starting to recover from that so I don't want to damage it anymore. I can tell you this, I could care less what she has to drive and at this point she could walk her happy ass down the road. The only satisfaction that I am feeling right now is that this little train will end in a year then she will have to find another dumbass like me to screw out of what he has worked for all his life!

So now I get to figure out how I am going come up with this $3500.00 dollars to pay her attorney in 10 days. I thought about male prostitution but figured that I would probably have to pay them so I guess that won't work. The only thing that I am truly happy about is I have my best friend in the world behind me and beside me which is my Aza. The bitch can't take my animals away from me or my happiness. So I hope that little bit of money makes her happy cause it won't last forever.

I also want to thank all of you for all of your support and allowing me to vent. This has been probably one of the best pieces of advice that my sweet girl Aza told me to do was start this blog. I have come to really look forward to talking with all of you! God Bless!

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sex, lies and photographs

Well, the trial of the century is over, yes you would think that I was a multi-billionaire and we were Hollywood movie stars after all that. Let me give ya'll a condensed run down of events.

I gave my deposition and was drilled for 3 hours by her attorney. The depo went well in my opinion, although I felt like he asked some questions that were inappropriate and quite frankly none of his or her damn business. Regardless, I told the absolute truth. When it came time for my attorney to ask her questions one of the questions was about a trip that she took to New York in February. The question was who she went with, what did they do while there, etc. The bitch gave a name, we'll call him “Mr. X” from here, and said that they did not go shopping while there all they did was see the sights. She was asked about a few things regarding her financial status, she was questioned lightly on her 5 previous marriages before me and that was about it.

I went away feeling pretty good that it was all over. I can tell you it was very uncomfortable, especially when I was left in the room with her alone. NOT GOOD! Despite tremendous urges to tell her what a greedy horrible person she was and that Karma would come back to her on this, I held my composure and didn't say a word. My attorney called me a few days after the deposition and told me that she had some very interesting news. I of course was all ears so she proceeds to tell me that she subpoenaed Mr. X. When he received his subpoena he called to question why he was needed. The funny thing about it? His wife called too! Yes you read that right, Ms. “I am so sick and can't work” apparently had a torrid love affair with a married man. This affair lasted for several months which included trips to Cozumel, Key West, and New York all financed by him. Well Ms. Perfect was in a fix, she lied under oath (the first of many). She said that she did not have a sexual relationship with this man. This was all brought out when Mr. X's wife called my attorney to tell it all! I was thrilled to hear this information but all I could do was wait till the trial.

October 16th arrived I had to be at the court house at 8:45am. I arrived along with my best friend E. The trial began with her on the stand first because she filed. Her attorney kept her on the stand for over 2 hours with this sob story about how sick she is, how she just can't work, dropping 30 pounds, how she projectile vomits every 5 minutes, etc. Oh they really put on a show. Of course she showed up with absolutely no make up on looking like death. So finally it was my attorney's time to drill her. The usual questions were asked and then the walls fell in. My attorney hit her with “Do you remember me taking your deposition on October 3rd asking you about the relationship that you had with Mr “X”? She answered yes. The question was then asked again, “Did you have a sexual relation with Mr. “X”? The only answer she could give was a muttered “Yes”. That was the start of the downfall with her credibility. The bitch lied under oath and got caught on multiple occasions. My attorney then started on her bank statements, she asked her about a number of deposits into her account that totaled $4,000 dollars (None of which included my alimony payments). Of course her answers were “I don't know” and “I don't remember” to nearly every question asked. Oh are you kidding me!? Even the Judge stopped and asked her how she could not know where all this money came from, she again had no answer. The Judge looked very puzzled and irritated. So here comes the best part of the entire trial in my opinion, I hope you're sitting for this! Aza, my absolute hero in life, came across at least 75 photos of Ms.”I'm on my deathbed” on the internet from the Bicth's best friends Slide Show account a few days prior to trial. These photos were submitted on the last day evidence could be sent in which gave her and her attorney virtually no time to come up with an explanation. It was the break in the case in my opinion. They showed a wide assortment of posing shots with her looking like she was in Hollywood. She was made up in every picture partying like it was Marti Gras. In a good number of them she was posing with drinks (another lie, she said she didn't drink!) These pictures ranged from late 2007 up to a trip she took to a theme park just 2 weeks ago! The cool thing about was that every picture was admitted into evidence and not with the first objection from her dumbass attorney. She was blindsided! All she could do was sit there looking like she wanted to throw up. At this point I sat there thinking, “Please Judge, see through all this bullshit and see the lying, greedy bitch that she is”.

The first day was filled with testimony from her side including doctors trying to plead her case, so it was unnerving to hear that it had to be continued Friday. I was not happy.

The trial started at 1pm Friday the 17th, I went on the stand and was questioned by my attorney. I felt the questioning went very well. I was told that I came across as who I am, very honest and straight forward. Now it was her attorney's time to cross examine me. He only asked me questions about my financial affidavit and my retirement. I said it before and I'll say it again- It's all about the money. The dumbass drilled me about me getting 1 hour of overtime on one of my checks because in the depo I said that I did not get overtime (which I don't). I guess he felt that he really had something, what a joke. He only kept me on the stand for about 45 minutes. I got the impression that he just didn't have anything because I unlike his client, I told the truth.

Now the last witness strolled in which was Mr. X. Mr. X was drilled by my attorney about the affair and all the money he spent on her. That's when more of her lies came to the surface. He said that they went shopping in New York, which she said in the depo they didn't do. She also said that she never got of the boat when she went on the cruise. Mr. X said that she did get off the boat in Key West and walked all around. The Judge interjected asking him if she was able to keep up with the pace? Mr. X replied “yes”. Once again, credibility!

So the infamous trial ended with closing arguments from both sides. Her attorney had the balls to ask for permanent alimony, that I continue paying 3k a month, plus rehab alimony, bridge the gap alimony, and wants me to pay for her attorney fees which totals 9k dollars! My attorney simply laid it out that her creditability was absolutely in question and that it was short term marriage which in no way falls under the permanent alimony status. I was very happy and proud of my attorney's staff. I absolutely picked the best attorney, she was phenomenal and a joy to watch in action.

The final decision will come Monday morning because the Judge was overwhelmed with evidence. I can only hope and pray that while looking at the evidence and all of the photos, he sees through the lies and deception to render a fair decision. I will let you know.

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A quick update

Well I have been getting about 40 hours a week at work so I have certainly been busy the last few weeks. The job has really opened my eyes to our judicial system, especially the side that we as police officers don't see. I have also met some really great people that now include judges etc. We are on first name basis so it is actually pretty cool. It is still a bit boring in a lot of instances, but I have sat in several murder trials that were very interesting. So I guess all in all I am settling in to my new work life.

I know I said in the last post that my next post would be Queen Bitch free but I figured it’s been so long since I’ve written anything, I should update on that aspect of life as well. I won’t lie and say that my nerves aren’t shot over having to be in depositions with her all day this Friday for the upcoming divorce drama. I can not believe that this has gone this far. She is so damn money hungry! Oh boy is she playing it up for the upcoming trial, she has been getting all kinds of testing done so she can make it look good. God I can't believe this crap. Now tell me what you think, I am in the mind set of answering anything about finances, but nothing else if it isn't relative since she is trying to base the whole permanent alimony issue on her disability. Please tell me if you think I'm wrong? The final hearing is set for the week of October 15th, I guess we will see what happens.

Aza and I have been doing a lot of fishing in the last 3 weeks. We started at a friends pond where we caught just a few little bream, hardly big enough to put on a cracker and a little bass. We decide to try another friends place at a hunting camp. We caught over 30 bream there so I cleaned them and ate them the next night. We decided to change things up a bit so we bought 2 salt water rigs along with tackle etc. and went to a well known spot. In a nut shell a buddy of mine that I work with caught a 15 to 20 lb Drum and that was it for 9 hours of fishing. Aza and I have been back 5 times since then and with the exception of a 4lb catfish that Aza caught we have been on a big fat goose egg ever since. Needless to say, I won't be quitting my day job to take up an anglers' life anytime soon. We both absolutely love to fish so we won't give up, but damn it's frustrating as hell to drive 40 miles one way only to come back with nothing. We are planning on going tomorrow (Thursday) when I get off. We are going to try a new place so wish us luck! Although it would be nice to land Moby Dick, I really don’t care if we catch anything or not, my only expectation is to relax and clear my mind before this garbage on Friday.

I still haven't bought a cheap ride yet, I am still looking. I love riding my motorcycle it's just a little annoying getting wet every time it rains (which is pretty frequent in Florida). Plus it just chaps my ass knowing she is driving a brand new car and I can't even buy a $1500.00 dollar car!

Well I am really tired and just wanted to drop a line to let ya'll know I am still amongst the living.

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!