"I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis upon the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement." ~Calvin Coolidge

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Escape to crack head hideaway

So I was sitting near the sub-station, relaxing before I went to check off (turn in paperwork before I go home) when a buddy of mine called me on the radio and asked if I could help him in regards to an escaped prisoner. This officer is one of my closest friends, so of course I agreed.

This escaped prisoner was on a work release work crew when he took off. I remember seeing the B.O.L.O (Be On The Lookout) for the suspect earlier in the day. I made the trip out to his last reported location which was quite away from the area that I ride, but I was eager to get involved.

When I arrived, I was briefed, given his description and the exact location that he was supposed to be at. We all got the plan and eased out to the trailer all blacked out. The first thing that was very obvious about this area was these folks are some serious rednecks!! Every trailer that we walked past had a truck, burn barrel, pit bulls, and John Deere tractors. It felt like we were walking into a bad Jeff Foxworthy joke. We got to the location, surrounded the trailer and made sure that K9 went to the rear. I took a position of cover by this huge Oak tree, making sure that if things went bad I was able to have several options if I needed them. The Sergeant knocked on the door with a rookie officer that was just begging to get involved. The door opens there stands a crack head female holding a 2 year old little girl in her arms. I heard the Sgt. ask her if he was there and surprisingly she said that he was. I heard her say that he was in the bed with her, but she got up to smoke when we knocked on the door. She gave permission for them to conduct a search of the residence but I noticed that K9 was not part of the search. I realize that the Sgt. was calling the shots, but he just got his stripes and has been away from the streets for a number of years. I felt as the senior officer there, surrounded by a number of rookies, with the exception of my buddy I needed to speak up. I told the Sgt. with all due respect, I felt that it would be better to let the K9 search the residence, especially due to the intel we got that he would kill himself if the police caught him. The Sgt. agreed, so K9 went in first, allowing the dog to search off leash. We all sat waiting for the screams but they never came. The first thing that came to mind of course- this chick is lying! We drilled her some more and she swore he was just there. The K9 handler took his dog and checked the outside area, finding no signs that would lead us to think he fled into the woods.

The Sgt. came outside and asked if I had any ideas. I basically said that we needed to go back in there and check every inch of the place; I knew he had to be in there. I decided I would ask the crack head one more time about his whereabouts. Making sure she understood that if we found out that she was lying that we wouldn’t hesitate to put her behind in jail. Once again, she was adamant that he was there. “I promise you!” she says, “I’m not going to jail for him, I’m leaving and going to my boyfriends house.” That’s when it hit me, we are dealing with some real winners here. Let’s review: she’s got this escaped prisoner that is her baby’s daddy laying in the bed with her, but she is going to leave and go to her boyfriend’s house. Now I’m thinking to myself I know exactly why this guy escaped, he found out she was seeing somebody else and he couldn’t stand it.

The Sgt. called me and asked that I come inside the trailer, hoping that another set of eyes would help. I went in looking in every open hole I could find. Nothing. No sign of this guy. The next thing I hear is “IF YOU MOVE I’LL BLOW YOUR F%^*ING HEAD OFF!” I ran into the hallway and saw this guy wedged into the air conditioning return. I opened it up, yanked him out by his hair and the rookie handcuffed him.

This guy could have killed us all! If he had been armed we could have all been easily picked off; he watched everything we did. I was shocked to find him there, but was even more shocked that the dog didn’t find him. The crack head was right, he was there, but man did she change her attitude to try and impress this guy, “Oh baby you will be alright you will only do about a year. I promise I’ll wait and be here for you!” I’m thinking, “Oh yeah right, you got peanut butter legs you will have those legs in another mans bed before the nights over.” We started walking him out and he is screaming “Baby, I love you! Please wait on me! Please don’t sleep with that mother f$%^er!“ Of course you know some police officers just can’t keep their mouth shut which tends at times to make things funnier worse. Someone speaks up and tells him that she will be at her boyfriend’s house before he gets to jail. Well that back fired, he broke loose from the rookie. Hands cuffed behind his back he takes off running and screaming for this crack head. The beauty of it was that we still had K9 there. He gave the command for the dog to apprehend the suspect and off he goes. This dog hit him so hard you could hear the thud when he hit the ground. Puppy chow, anyone? After the dog ate him up the suspect was recaptured once again, this time for good.

It amazes me the power that this crack head had over this guy. I don’t know about you but I’ll be danged if I’m going to get my A#$ tore up by a dog for crack head lovin’!

I’m Out And We’ll Talk Later!


david said...

wow, kojak, you seem like a sick man.

Aza said...

Pssst, heya David, your ambiguity is showing- which in turn is casting a suspicious eye on your intellect. Just saying.

*Goddess* said...

Ok how do trailer folk afford John Deere's?! That's just wrong. Kinda like the people who live in gub'ment housing having Caddys in their driveway.

Kojak said...

David Wow, comments are certainly welcomed, be it positive or negative. I'm just curious though why you seem to take the side of this escaped prisoner. Why didn't you comment on the sex pervert, he was arrested since your obviously on the suspects side. Oh and by the way I'm not sick I feel pretty good thanks.

Aza Ya know, there's just something about people that remain anonymous, it gives them so much range to share thoughts without accountabilty. XOXOXOXO.

Goddess Well I have often wondered that myself, I can't afford to pay attention right now. I can tell you there was some inbred activity going on there.

Berserk said...

Look on the bright side, Kojak. Even though he was watching you guys, his movement options were pretty much gone. If he was armed, he should've only been able to take out one of you before the threat was addressed.

See, don't you feel better? :)

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Unfortunately, they sound like some of the people I went to high school with.
Go, puppy,go....I just hope they tooth brushed the heck of him!! LOL

thisisme said...

Kojak, I love your blog! You have a knack for writing and painting a vivid picture...keep up the good work!

Kojak said...

Berserk Hey I hear ya, it could have been nasty thankfully it worked out. Be Safe.

mrs."smith" That dog ate him up, I don't think this guy went to school. Haha. Thanks for stopping by.

thisisme Thank you so much for the nice comment. I am having fun. I have also enjoyed reading your blog as well. Keep up the great work yourself.

Angie said...

Our guys were chasing a suspect who ran into a warehouse. They couldn't find him, so they called in the dog. The dog gets in a room, and just is going crazy...but the bad guy is nowhere to be seen. Finally they realize he did the same thing your bad guy did, hid in the ceiling. He also was puppy chow :)