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Friday, February 8, 2008

A vent and a question...

Well, I’m sure that most of you are probably tired of hearing me complain about the soon to be ex, but that’s just too bad cause this is my blog and I’ll write about whatever I want! Hahahahah just kidding! No, really.

I have enjoyed a long and prosperous career with my department, I actually make very good money as far as Police salaries are concerned. I told you several posts back about the whole money issue, how she lied about working etc.. and the magistrate gave her basically 90% of my check.

I received my paycheck via automatic deposit today and reality slapped, kicked, beat, stabbed (and several other nasty violent terms) me in the face as to just how badly I got %^&ed!!!! I just can not believe that she gets roughly 90% of my check, and I still have to pay for her brand new car that she just had to have. Oh, and the insurance! Geez, I’ll just say it (again and again and again and again, ad infinitum) “I AM A DUMBBASS!

Now here’s what really pisses me off, she has all that money in her bank account and has yet to pay any of the bills that are still in my name as well as hers! I have prided myself over the years of being responsible in regards to paying bills on time so my credit will at least stay in good standing.

So to combat her trying to intentionally screw up my credit (because she doesn’t give a damn about hers) I am thinking of cutting off the electricity and water that’s in my name. Maybe then this gold digging, Tammy Faye/Mr. Ed looking soon to be ex wife of mine will either poop or get off the pot. It might just be the incentive she needs to for once in her life be responsible!

I’m just saying, this just sucks because I have worked so hard for so many years and she comes in after just 7 years, taking all of the money, leaving me with nothing and tries everything in her power to make this as difficult a process as possible.

Well anyway thanks again for taking the time to stop by and read my vent.

Btw, I appreciate the comments and am very interested about how you found me. If you could leave a comment and let me know where you saw my link, Aza is still working on my link list and wants to give credit to who sent you.

I’m Out and We’ll Talk Later!


Aza said...

I say to hell with her! Have your attorney tell her attorney that she’s got 7 days to transfer names on the accounts. If after 7 days she doesn’t respond, to protect your credit, I’d close the accounts. She’s getting all of the money, let her figure it out.

pete said...

The ex sounds like a bitch. Good luck with all of it.

I've dispatched in Northern Wisconsin for a few years now and found you from a comment off of Angie's blog (disfunctionalcity911).

*Goddess* said...

If you could get your names off the accounts WITHOUT giving her notice, that might be a good idea. If she knew she has so many days, she'll be out buying up the city knowing you're still responsible for half;)

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Do it, protect yourself! Both "Smith" and I went through a divorce, to other people! My ex is still haunting me, I can't write a check at certain places, thank goodness for debit/mastercard! The thing that sucks is we had a kid so we'll always have a connection that way.

Kojak said...

Aza- That’s exactly what my attorney said. I asked if I should just shut it off and she told me it could make me look really bad in court.

Pete- Yes she definitely is that and oh so much more! That’s okay though I got something for her- the truth. She can only lie so much and get away with it before it comes back to bite her. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Goddess- I wish that I could, but that would be something that she would do. I just can’t see stooping to her level regardless of how bad this gets; I am better than that. What’s so sad is to hear her tell it is a whole different story.

Mrs. “Smith”- Thanks for stopping by. I am going to do that, I have to protect myself. I know for a fact that she could care less about her credit. I, on the other hand have worked very hard to establish mine and keep it in good standing.

Fire Fox said...

Because I am a woman, I guess I'm kinda of the odd one out here Kojak. I owned my house before I got married. All of the bills were in my name. After 1-1/2yrs of wedded unbliss, a beautiful child, and drug/alcohol addiction issues (his) we split. I was working full time, but not making enough to cover all the additional bills we had accrued during the marriage. I moved out of the house with my daughter and he stayed. (He was unemployed, and to be honest I just wanted to escape the abuse). After all was said and done, I owed 8 months of unpaid utility bills, several credit cards maxed out for drugs (joint accounts) unpaid balances on 2 mortgages etc. I was stupid! Had I been less emotional and sought the help of ANYONE I may have saved myself years of working three jobs to make ends meet while I paid off what I owed. I hope you take to heart the advice that others are giving you... fight it. If your attorney doesn't agree, at least seek the advice of another attorney. Fair is fair, whether you are male or female. You have rights sir. Don't go down without a fight! Alison

*Goddess* said...

Sure it might be something your ex would do, but being the nice guy is going to continue costing you...in more ways than one.

Kojak said...

Fire Fox- Thank You for the advice. I feel for you and am glad that you were able to escape the abuse. It sounds like you have a solid foundation now. I am hoping that things will work out. I can only pray that they will see who has been honest and who hasn’t.

*Goddess*- I appreciate your advice. I can tell you that if I were not in the position I am, things would be very different. I have to keep in mind that I am a Police Officer, Contempt Of Court and jail is just not an option. If I were to have the utilities shut off without warning, both of those certainly would be a serious concern and potential reality for me. The truth will surface; she may win the battle, but she won’t win the war!

giveagirlabreak said...

Hi Kojak, I found your blog through Goddess's blog. I too have an STBX but we are amicable. I am sorry you are going through such hell. Blogging will definately help!

IMHO you should switch attorneys immediately. Employment is easy to verify and there is absolutely no reason you should have ended up paying as much as you did.

Kojak said...

giveagirlabreak- I appreciate you stopping by! I did fire the attorney, she really screwed me when she waived my right to challenge it. I can only hope they will see through her lies.