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Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter, I want my stuff!

I hope that everyone in the blog world had a great Easter, I know I did. Aza fixed a fantastic dinner for all of us. Great job Aza! She just plain rocks!

I found out a day that I can finally get my stuff from Mrs. Ed. Supposedly this coming Wednesday. I know it’s shocking, but I think I’m getting closer to having my belongings back in my possession. Now, before you get to excited, she still hasn’t responded in regards to my requested time. I feel pretty certain that she will wait till the last second to tell me. I have asked four of my closest friends to retrieve my items, you have to trust my judgment as to why I am not going. This woman has beat me to death verbally every single time I have either talked to her on the phone or have seen her in person. I am tired of her mouth and threats. Quite frankly, I’m not going to put up with her viciousness anymore. I deal with enough of this crap out on the street day in and day out, I shouldn’t have to deal with it in my personal life too.

The plan at this point is my buddies will meet near my home, I am going to call a deputy from that county as a witness just to be on the safe side. I am not going to subject my friends to anything that will cause them any grief. I think that it will be the best for all involved.

I hope that she can set her vindictive psychosis aside for a moment and realize how important it is for me to get my mothers bed. I am the one that laid in that bed with her when she was dying, I held her, cried with her and slept with her till she woke up. I have to give her props because she was good to my mother, but I know that she is withholding my mother’s belongings just to hurt me and it’s working. I want my mothers stuff, all I have left is her memories.

I do know she is moving, where I don’t know and really could care less. I just hope that she moves in with her new boyfriend. I really feel sorry for him, just another fool that’s going to get milked dry. When they showed up for court I saw that she’s already driving his Cadillac Escalade truck, so she’s sinking the teeth in fast. What a fool, but then again so was I right?

The reason I hope that she moves in with the new meal ticket man is pretty simple. The new alimony law in Florida states that if it can be shown that either party filing for alimony is being supported by another party (regardless of relationship), you have no claim to alimony. Please lord let her be stupid, well more stupid, vindictive, nasty, hateful, greedy, there’s so many words that describe her I could go on forever. That’s sad isn’t it? To think that a person that you gave your soul to, took her grown kids and treated them like they were your own as well as the grandkids would treat you that way. I worked so hard for this family. Just one example- I worked 8 months worth of 12 hour days with only 10 days off in that period just so that we could have something in the bank when I retired. It all went to her desperate need for plastic surgery, designer clothes and her kids. All of my hard work, like water through her hands. She took all of that money out of our account, leaving me with 8 dollars. As we flow along through this saga I think most of you can now see why I can’t stand this bitch!!!!

Aza said it best, "You gave her the most, did more for her and her kids than all 5 of the other husbands and she wants to $^%K you the most." You are so right sweety, I love me some Aza, that’s my girl, tell it like it is! I still honestly believe that Mrs. Ed had all this planned out due to the timing of my retirement. Anyway, wish me luck and my buddies in retrieving my stuff! I will let you know what happens after Wednesday, better known as “D-Day“.

I’m Out And We’ll Talk Later.


*Goddess* said...

I'm curious: how did/how do the kids treat you now that everything has gone South?


I concur with Goddess....how did that relationship with the kids go? Did it end as well?
Good luck with getting your stuff back..I hope you get it all.

Anonymous said...

We all hope she's whoring herself to the new boyfriend. Although sad, it would benefit you greatly.

There's a reason she's been through so many men; you need to figure out why you fell for it. That might would help you process this better.

Anonymous said...

And I say that last part respectfully.

Kojak said...

Goddess I have not been able to talk to any of them since July. I do know that she has absolutely destroyed my name, and told them a lot of untruths about the situation.

Dixiechick The worst about all of this is the fact that I can’t see the grandkids. I feel like I have let them down, but honestly she is the reason for that. I know the real reason for what happen, so maybe in time they will too.

StillStacy I really hope that she is stupid enough to do that, I do know she told me one time, the easiest way for her to get over one, is to get another one. I say go for it. I should have known that, but I guess I was blinded in some way.

Mrs. "Smith" said...

I hope you can get your Mother's stuff back from that woman...
She's bound to trip up some time, greedy people usually do.
Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get your mothers things back.If she does not anwser for her deeds in this world.She will anwser in the next world.

Kojak said...

Mrs.Smith I really do too, she has robbed me of everything. I don't think I am asking too much. Thank you.

Fuzzys dad I know thats right. It's very sad that she could be that hateful.

Angie said...

Good Luck! She will get hers in the end...what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

What goes around certainly does come around....case in point: my ex-husband just had a random, massive stroke at 33. (I am happily remarried, slow learner, I got it right on the 2nd try.)The ex was a nightmare, the divorce was horrible. I'm rooting for you brother! Try to keep your chin up-she's making a damn fool of herself. Feel free to drop by the page and bitch all you want, I'll always lend an ear.

thisisme said...

My heart goes out to you. I hope that you receive all of your item's and that they are intact.
Keep your head up, my man, for time is on your side.
Karma is a motherf*cker and she will get hers in the end!
(Pardon my French, but evil women like her give good women a bad name!)
I encourage you to stick to the high road, and don't stoop to her level or give her the satisfaction of knowing that she is getting under your skin!! Much easier to do I know, but at least you have a healthy outlet with which to vent.
We are here for you! :-)

thisisme said...

*much easier to say than to do....

Kojak said...

angie Hey, Ya know I feel that as well, it's just not happening fast enough. Thank You!

Kvegas911 I am so glad that you got it right the second time. I hope I can get it right someday.I have finally found happiness with myself. I have a wonderful support group there for me. I will certainly throw some gripes out there, no doubt. Thanks for the support.

Thisisme Thank you so much. I do know that I will be the better person through all of this. Like I told Kvegass I have a person in my life that has been absolutely phenominal with support etc. I will keep my head up, I know the real story. Thank you for the kind words.