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Saturday, March 8, 2008

A rant and call for opinions

I saw something today that absolutely shocked me, but probably shouldn’t have. I took the advice of The Bronze and Fire Fox. I went to the gun shop with Aza so we could take a look at the other model Glock that was brought up in the comments of my previous post. As we walked in we were face to face with a young couple holding a 40. Caliber Smith & Wesson pistol pointed at the front door. I was instantly uncomfortable but walked in anyway. We stood behind these people with their 4 year old little boy wandering around between them, just in amazement of the guns. As we are standing there, the hooker looking momma has a firearm in her hand. She is dry firing the weapon and once again pointing it all over the place. Now, before I go on, Aza grew up around guns and has a vast knowledge of firearms. She also is very aware of gun safety as well, because her dad owned a gun shop. He was a certified gun dealer and gun smith. So needless to say we both are feeling somewhat uncomfortable with how this couple is mishandling these firearms.

Hooker Momma is laughing about how she has never held a gun, much less fired one. She has this gun in her hand, racking it, absentmindedly pointing it at all of the employees and now us behind her, all the while chewing the gum in her mouth like a cow in pasture never thinking twice about the gun she’s flailing around. The gun suddenly has made its way pointed directly at Aza who was looking in one of the glass cases. I instinctively pushed her out of the way as I stepped out of the way myself. I’m pissed now, very frustrated and really ready to go the %^&K off. Once Aza realizes why I pushed her out of the way she looks at me as if to say I’m going to kick her hooker #$S if she points that gun at me again. I agree but keep my mouth shut.

The husband has a gun in his hand now, it’s obvious that he has never owned, touched, or fired a gun himself just simply based on the way he is manhandling it. We are really uncomfortable at this point. That’s when it happens, this stupid bastard takes the gun and without so much as a second thought, turns toward his little boy. For a moment the barrel was pointed directly at this child. Aza looks at me visibly shaken and says “I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE I HAVE TO GO TO THE CAR BEFORE I SAY SOMETHING THAT I SHOULDN’T”. I completely agree, but I stay.

The little boy is all over the counter pointing at the guns saying “cool”. Hooker Momma speaks up and says, “No, they’re not cool they’re bad honey.” In the same breath she looks at the clerk and says, “Let me play with that one again!” I am sick to my stomach at this point, I know all you that are police officers understand how hard it was for me not to say something, but not being in uniform and honestly flabbergasted at what was taking place, believe or not I didn’t. The clerk brings out a Glock and is explaining that there is no safety with that model. Hooker Momma interrupts him and says to her idiot husband, “Oh I don’t know about that, you know honey, that he {she gestures towards the child} will want to pick it up and play with it when he gets older.” By now I am beside myself. I simply could not listen to anymore, so I had to walk away. At the other end of the counter I finished conducting my business with Larry.

I stood back and glanced over a few times in pure disgust watching these two playing with these guns. I heard the clerk tell them that he had four kids and he never had problems with them; he never locked his guns up. I just shook my head and completed my business, leaving as quickly as possible before I lost my mind.

When I got back in the car I talked to Aza and her dad about how they felt I should handle the situation. The consensus was to go back, in uniform, talk to the manager/owner and just explain to him that I can’t in good conscious by a gun from them based and how they allow patrons to treat the guns the way they do; in such a careless manner. My feelings are that the store employees have an absolute duty to watch every person in that store with regards to gun safety. They should bring them to task when a blatant gun safety rule is broken. I feel that these people are in a unique position to educate the public while they have their attention and are showing the weapons. I never heard the mention of a gun safety course by the clerk to either of these obviously uneducated potential gun owners. I certainly hope in the very near future that their baby won’t pick up that gun and accidentally shoot himself or somebody else because his parents didn’t take the time to educate themselves, or him about the seriousness of carelessly handling a firearm. I can tell you I have had a gut full of seeing children and/or their friends lying in a pool of the blood while their parents stand there dumb founded trying to figure out why it happened. Yesterday Aza and I met “why it happened.”

I would like to get the input of my fellow bloggers, especially Law enforcement officers on how you would handle the situation at this point. My sensibilities are completely offended now. I’m thinking that if I go to the owner and explain that I want the money back that I put down on that Glock; explaining that it’s because I don’t feel right supporting a business that blatantly disregards their responsibility to educate the public on such a critical subject- it might actually make someone take notice.

I’m Out And We’ll Talk Later.


TheBronze said...

Koj, there's no fixing stupid...

Berserk said...

Wow... that hurts my brain to even read about. Disgusting

I never like asking for my money back in uniform. Feels wrong somehow. If it were me, and I chose to go that route, I'd do that in civvies.

On the other hand, if you decide you want to buy the gun still, then I say go back in uniform sometime and have a "friendly" chat with the clerk.

thisisme said...

I am not a gun enthusiast, they make me very nervous. But I have been a strong believer in choosing ones battles. I think that if you choose to follow through on actions in regard to this gun shop... it is definitely a battle worth choosing! Keep in mind the butterfly effect, one stern talking to from you could prevent someone from being maimed or killed later on down the road. I say go for it, an educational chat with the owner while in uniform, could, in my humble opinion, make a difference down the road. And whether he reacts positively or negatively to the constructive criticism should determine whether or not you go through with the purchase of your "new love".
Keep up the good work, and be safe!

Fire Fox said...

I can't say yes or no on the uniform but I'd definately speak with manager/owner/clerk. Don't think I'd let it end there either. Keep an eye on these guys or file a formal complaint. I definately would boycott and spread the word. There is no excuse for such irresponsible behavior.

Officer "Smith" said...

I don't think there is a need for you to go in uniform. Besides the fact that that could lead to policy issues, what with the personal business aspect and all.

I'm afraid my tact would have gone out the window if I were in the same position as you and Aza. I would have said something then and there.

I would have likely taken the guns out of their hands, placed them on the counter, and told the owner / manager / clerk / whatever, to either educate these idiots or refund the money I put down.

I, fortunately, do not have such issues. I have been going to the same dealers for years, and they are QUALITY people. This stuff would get the hooker and her babydaddy booted in the blink of an eye.

That kinda' crap is just intolerable.

Mrs. "Smith" said...

As a former FFL holder and gun dealer, I am shocked at the stupidity of the clerk, not to mention the people who were "playing" with the gun. Where was the sign about keeping guns locked up or being liable for a child using them? Where was the sense of responsibility of the owner of the store? Why didn't he beat that responsibility into his employees? Where was the self-preservation of the clerk??!!!!! Even if the gun wasn't loaded, tell the dumb asses not to point it at anyone!! There is no hope for the parents...I just hope their child doesn't kill himself or anyone else. Or,(and this is harsh, forgive me), maybe the kid should kill himself, and hopefully ricochet will get the parent(s), so the gene pool doesn't get any more polluted than it already is.
I am amazed that you didn't read them the riot act.

Kojak said...

The Bronze I agree completely. Be Safe, Thanks.

BerserkI certainly agree with the uniform issue. I have never been one to use the uniform for intimidation. I just feel that if I do make contact with the owner it may be better received. I am still debating that.

Thisisme Surprisingly enough I have never been a major gun buff either. I am without a doubt going to pay a visit to the owner, if not the manager will have to do. I like the advice about how the owner reacts to my complaint whether or not to continue to do business with them or get my money back. Very good advice, thanks.

FireFox I am still debating the uniform issue. I was talking to Aza’s dad as well as Aza, they both told me to contact ATF and file a complaint regarding the total lack of concern for gun safety in their shop.

Officer Smith I do agree with you in regards to the policy issue. I absolutely would not use the uniform as any type of intimidation factor. I was thinking that it may be better received if I was in uniform. I really should have yanked the guns out of their hands, I’m mad that I didn’t now, but I guess because there were so many people in there I didn’t want to cause a scene. I wish that we had a reliable dealer here, but we have more pawn shops than we do gun shops. The one gun shop we do have is a family owned business that has outrageous prices. I do appreciate your advice.

Mrs.Smith I said the same thing to Aza, I just stood there in shock that the clerk was not providing any gun safety advice to either person. You better than anybody would know what the correct protocol would be regarding those issues. I respect your opinion, but I’m not so sure that the little guy dying is something that I would wish on anybody. No matter how stupid the parents are, we can hope that he will grow up better educated and responsible..However, I do understand the context of your comment. I can’t believe that I didn’t admonish them either because it so not me to keep my mouth shut,. I can assure you I will have my say. Thanks for the advice.

*Goddess* said...

If I opened the door a gun dealership and someone had a gun pointed at the doorway in which I was standing, I never would have entered in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You are a better person that I, because I don't know that I could have kept my mouth shut. I am all about your returning in uniform and explaining same, and I would discourage others from buying there as well. Sheesh. Idiots. Adding you to my blogroll, BTW. Found you through FireFox.


I am not a gun owner, nor will I own one. Not everyone should have one either. But, due to the job that you have, I understand the need. I say, go back in and ask for your money back, tell them why...maybe taking that stand will alert the shop owners that they need to not be so careless as to who they sale to, or allow to "browse" in thier store.

Kojak said...

Goddess- I agree and I probably shouldn't have. I just kept thanking about how good of a deal I was getting.

Kvegas911- I think that's what I'm going to do, I just feel that it will have a greater impact. Thanks for the link!

Dixiechick- I appreciate the advice, that seems to be the overall consensus. I just hate giving up that kinda deal.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, I spent the weekend pistol shopping and am very conscience of where I'm pointing the weapon while I'm holding it. I know it's empty, but it doesn't matter. Treat every firearm as if it's loaded, PERIOD!! That's the first rule.

I paid my first visit to a blog a few days back that showed a husband and wife posing for pictures with their new pistol. Both of them, pointing at the camera, with their fingers on the triggers. It upset me deeply. Muscle memory needs to learn finger OFF trigger.

I say go back in there and speak with management. Guns are serious shit and there's a possibility you'll be paying a visit to this loser's house after someone was accidentally shot.

5150Wife said...

My vote would be to return without the uniform. Officer Smith has a good point. Although you wouldn't mean to intimidate, well, you know, just the uniform itself makes a statement, and it's probably best to not mix that statement with personal stuff.

I'd like to think I'd have approached the couple and shown them the correct way to handle the weapon, giving the clerk the cue to take over. But then again, it's easy for me to say as I sit here staring at my computer and not down the barrel of a gun.

Speaking of which...for Stacy...I'm sure you've seen the pic of my JD at the bottom of my blog. You'll be glad to know he didn't have his finger on the trigger and refused to point his AR directly at me. If you look close, you'll notice he's pointing off to my right side.;-)

Kojak said...

StillStacy I have been drilled with that since I can remember. You always treat every gun as if it was loaded.I plan to do that tmrw. Thanks for the advice.

5150Wife I wish that I would have done that now, I was just in shock. I will be going there tmrw. Thanks for coming by.

DK said...

That makes me sick to read.

I'm a new blogger, and I ran into your link on another cop's blog.

Good luck with your soon-to-be-ex, don't let her walk all over you!


Kojak said...

DK I agree it was sickening. Thanks for coming by and taking a look. Welcome to the blog world, it's fun and a great way to vent Be Safe.

Anonymous said...

It is people like the hooker mom and other nuts.That give well educated and trained gun owners a bad name.

Me said...

Hey. Old cop and new visitor to your blog. I would have taken my money back and left, after explaining why. I personally won't subsidize stupidity or even endorse it with tacit tolerance.

Nice site tho. Come up our way and visit Lagniappe and me on ours. It's just a cop and his dog, and their guns.