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Monday, April 21, 2008

He drove it like he stole it!

I have been involved in a ton of vehicle pursuits, as slow as 20 mph and as fast as 140 mph. I can tell you that all of them are unbelievably fun, but dangerous at times. Such was the case last night. I had a good friend of mine with me last night as a civilian observer. Now, most of you that are officer’s know that when you have riders they all want to get involved in a high speed chase or go to a shooting etc. I do know that they hate getting stuck on a domestic or directing traffic at a busy intersection for 6 hours. My buddy said “I never get into anything when I ride.” Hahahahahaha, whatever! That’s why you had a bowel malfunction in your drawer’s last night! Let me tell you why…

I am rolling in a high drug area when I hear a fellow officer say that he is chasing one. Every officer goes on high alert when those beautiful words come over the air waves. The suspect vehicle is a 2006 white Nissan Titan V8 traveling at a high rate of speed with headlights out. The suspect initially lost the pursuing officer for a brief time. The suspect reappears at the intersection of a major highway, eventually going north on that same highway. When you work for a large department the perks are abundant when something like this busts open. We had officers set up at the next intersection with stop sticks. I called Aza as I was traveling ohhh about 90 telling her to stay put since she was with her dad in the same area that this nutcase was driving so erratically. I did not want them to be hurt. I took off to try and intercept the suspect as he is approaching the next major intersection. I get to the entrance ramp and look over only to see my buddy with a look of terror in his eyes and white knuckling anything he can get his hands on. I laugh inside thinking, “Bitch you can’t say nothing now, you’re in the mix!!!!” I get to the area when I hear and see the suspect vehicle get stop sticked. Bammmm! We got one tire! I get up on the interstate and had to wait for at least 25 cars chasing this guy. Our policy is 2 chasing the bad guy, the rest back off and parallel on adjacent roads. Hahahaha! Yeah ok, tell that to all these hungry policeman with an incredible adrenalin rush flowing through their veins! But anyway needless to say the suspect is being heavily pursued. The suspect made a quick exit onto a local road with the front left tire blowing apart still maintaining speeds of no less than 90 mph. He is blowing our cars off the road with this truck and on 3 tires. The suspect continues these speeds into a number of local roads and back up onto the interstate. He has not been under 90 mph yet, this truck is holding up unbelievably. We at this point are sure that this guy is going to kill somebody, so officers that are not in this chase are shutting down major roads in his path. These guys are doing a remarkable job with traffic.

The suspect has now entered into another county with my department on his ass. I was not in a position to help at this point so I backed off and just waited. I told my buddy that he was going to make his way back into our direction so we would just be patient. I listened intently as this suspect led officers in 2 counties as well as F.H.P. (Florida highway Patrol) at speeds of now 100 mph., through the back roads of a small town. Debris is now causing police cars to be damaged. Chunks of metal is hitting windshields at speeds of 100 mph. Obviously a very serious danger to the officers. These guys are professionals though, we are going to fight the fight no matter the cost. My Sergeant is now the number 2 car, I almost fell out of my car and wrecked it at the same time when I heard this. He never gets into anything! I can’t believe it, he just might get his hair messed up (inside joke). He has this macho lookin’ tattoo sleeved left arm that looks like that Comcast commercial that says “You Tiger Now!“ but hair that has so much hair spray a hurricane couldn’t move it. I’m excited he is actually doing some police work. Ok sorry, but anyway the suspect is now headed back towards my county. My buddy is so excited, so we took off again trying to be reactive and head this guy off. Just before he gets back into my county he gets sticked again. Now he is traveling at 70 mph with only 1 functional tire. Yep, 1! He is coming right at us. I see flames shooting way above his truck spraying debris all over the place. I get into a position almost right next to him as he now crosses over into the southbound lane traveling north running people off the road. The suspect tries to make a right turn into a subdivision that his mother lives in, he can’t and drives back across the median right into my path of travel. I have to move over because another officer is right on him. He veers hard right and strikes the officer that is right beside me causing his car to slide sideways. The suspect has just pitted himself. He looses control and is still traveling at 65 mph with me right beside him. I look up at the same time my buddy screams, “OHHHHH SHIT!!!!” The suspect slams into the rear of a stopped truck at 65 mph. The trucks shake the ground, debris is flying everywhere with a large metal tool box almost slamming into my windshield. I stop and jump out, by this time my guys had already busted out the drivers window to his truck. The suspect still has the presence of mind to fight the police, bad mistake bro!!! He is swarmed by the boys in blue, including a furry landshark with 4 legs and a muzzle full of teeth called “Nitro”. The suspect is refusing to put his arms behind his back. Nitro is deployed and is eating his behind uppppp!!!! He quickly surrenders, suspect in custody.

While he was being tuned up, I went to the innocent gentleman that was hit while just trying to get home. He is suffering from severe head injuries, back and neck issues and much more. I am consoling him telling him that he is ok and rescue is on the way. I maintain this posture until they do arrive taking over eventually using the jaws of life to extricate him from the vehicle. The suspect, well, he is in a pool of blood screaming. I see this guys female friend which I find out later is his wife screaming “I LOVE YOU BABY, PLEASE STOP!!!!” Are you kidding me!? Honey, you can get your ass in the back seat of a police car too.

Yes, that's me putting her in the back of my car. Aza insisted I add the pic, she said it was for "aesthetics ".

Wow! 52 miles, at least 2 counties, 4 different agencies involved and the remarkable thing is that no police were injured. I can’t say that about our cars. My Sergeant got stop sticked. Hahahaha, I did laugh I couldn’t help it! We go way back so I can get away with that. He finally showed up with his perfect, concrete hair in complete disarray. I really laughed then. We all knew that was serious stuff to get his hair messed up. Ohhhh! His windshield was also all busted up during the pursuit from debris. I was so proud of him…. HAHAHA!

As for the bad guy, below are pictures of his truck. He ran because he is a career traffic offender with 5 dui’s and active warrants for another dui he was just arrested for in January; the very definition of “habitual”.

Because he chose to run, he is in critical condition, with a good chance of dying according to the doctors.

The poor guy just trying to get home is stable. I met his son and wife at the trauma center. They hugged me and cried. These people were so sweet. They both told me that he told them that a policeman held his hand and told him that he was going to be ok. That’s why I became a policeman and that’s why I will die a policeman. It’s people like this man that face uncertainties but still looked at me and thanked me for doing my job! I want all of you to please pray for this innocent family, I did…

I’m Out And We’ll Talk Later!


Aza said...

Hahahaha! Because your turkey butt is “aesthetically” pleasing, the pic doesn't 'out' you or the agency (if anyone does figure out your agency hopefully they will be kind enough to keep it on the hush-hush) and most importantly, your readers need a shot of your best angle! LOL!

Now people get the joke when I call you turkey butt- it’s cause your ass looks like two turkeys in a burlap sack!

(BTW, we’re now officially even for the prep h joke)

Anonymous said...

I am glad this dirtbag got caught.
Whit anyofficers being hurt bad of killed.

TheBronze said...

Good job Theo! Glad the innocent driver is going to be okay and Glad the POS driver got his just reward.

Well done all around.

Stay Safe!

Kojak said...

Aza Ok you got me on the turkey butt comment. Props to you, but you know my behind is not that bigggggggg!!! Bad camera angle... I mean come on maybe a couple of french hens!!!!! Ok so maybe 4! I mean not bad for 48 right?? oxoxoxoxxo

Fuzzysdad Thanks daddy... I am glad it ended with nobody else injured....

TheBronze Hey thanks bro.. It was a wild ride enjoyed by all. Be Safe Out There!!!

Aza said...

Hey now, I’m totally down with the Sir Mix-A-Lot school of thought on big butts.

LOL, come on, sing it with me. You all know the words!

4 Calling Birds
3 French Hens
2 Turtle Doves
And a Partridge packed in the back of Kojak’s drawerrrrrsssss!

Not bad for 48? Hell, that ain't bad for 28!

Anonymous said...

Good dog!!!! Hope he got a mouthful!!!! The offender in critical condition? Self-correcting problem. The innocent victims? I will pray for them. Did the big brown stain come out of your buddy's pants? Heeheehee. Great story!!! And wow does it have to suck to be stopsticked by your own agency ROFLMAO!

*Goddess* said...

Yeah that picture helped move the story along quittttte well! Thanks, Aza:)

Fire Fox said...

Great tale Kojak! You guys are just like the firemen... adrenaline junkies! Glad you and yours are safe, said my prayers for the innocent, and wished I was back in FL... you guys have all the fun!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like happy ending. Hopefully the asshole will die and remove another POS from our planet. Cops doing what they were trained to do, with no injuries. Innocent parties doing well. God was definitely watching over this.

And Aza was right about the picture. It helps some of us "relate" better to the story.

For The People said...

Hey Man, I with you. Aza was so wrong to set you up like that. Great drama but now what does Mr. Whiteknuckles think about the ride?

Hope the truck belonged to POS and he didn't have any insurance. Happy Ending make me cry. LOL

Aza, good job! Opps, did I say that?

Berserk said...

Sounds like a good time, hope the victim recovers quickly.

My current agency has a very restrictive vehicle pursuit policy (in general, you can chase someone if you'd be justified to shoot them). Pursuits don't come along that often for us.

momster said...

Wow! What an incredible story. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I read it.

Big Poppa said...

pursuits rock! glad this one turned out nicely.

Moe said...

sounds like a fun night.

Fire Fox said...

Tag! You're It!

Kojak said...

Aza Ohhhhhhhhhhh your soooo funny!!!

Kvegas911 Yes he did his job, he was surely awarded. He did clean up his pants... He called me the next day and was ready to get into another one.. Whats funny is that this is the second time he got sticked.. Hey have a great weekend!!!

Goddess I seeeee you ladies stick together with the funny stuff....

Firefox Yea we are all adrenaline junkies thats for sure. Hey just move on back plenty of jobs here. Thanks for the prayers.

Still Stacy Hey I agree with the p.o.s. statement! God was surely there it was a crazy ride. Glad you like the pics!! AHAHAH big ol turkey butt.

Forthepeople Bro I thought the same thing, but I never know what to expect from that girl. She keeps me on my toes!!I thought you had my back!!!! I see your on Aza's AHAHAHAHAH.. BE SAFE!!

Berserk It was a great time. We have revamped our policy as well, but we can chase DUI'S, go figure.. Be Safe Bro...

Momster I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for coming by.

Bigpoppa I totally agree. It was a good time.

Moe It was a blast!!

FireFox Ohhhhh if you weren't one of my favorite Dispatchers!!! Ok it might be a day or two! I will get it done!

Angie said...

Hey "turkey butt" HAHAHA that is too funny! You've been tagged!