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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ink issues

I have a bit of a dilemma on my back (pun intended) and I am calling on my blog family for suggestions/advice.

When I turned 40 the mid life crisis fairy came for a visit. The first thing that I did was get a tattoo. My dad, who I was very close to had a big panther on his upper left arm. As a kid I always thought that it was so cool. So, after a few brewsky’s one night I went to the neighborhood tattoo shop and got the same thing in honor of my dad. When I was finished the guy told me that one would not be enough. Well sure enough one was not enough. I got to thinking about what I wanted. I decided that I would get something to honor my career so I got a "macho" looking policeman with the background of my city on my right arm. Unfortunately instead of looking all badass and macho, it looks like the Blue Oyster guy on Police Academy. Not happy! Surely that would be enough I thought. Yeah right! My third and final tattoo found its way on my “Top 5 biggest mistakes I’ve ever made” (marrying Mrs. Ed being in the top 3) list. Tattoo number 3 is the ugly ass crap that I have across my upper back, nearly shoulder to shoulder. Regrettably it has the future ex’s name dead smack in the middle of it. Needless to say I hate that tattoo! I was talking to Aza and we have been brainstorming about my next adventure. I can tell you that I am without a doubt going to cover up the one on my back first and foremost. Then I'll have my dads panther touched up and the Blue Oyster guy reworked. This is where the dilemma starts.

I really didn’t know what the heck I was doing when I got the tattoos. What I mean is in regards to the artist. The guy that did mine really did not do a good job at all and had an extremely heavy hand. I didn’t understand that until I actually met a few of the top artists in my city. I see their work and boy is mine fly by night. They look like jail house tats at best.

Aza had some work done by another fly by night douche bag that really screwed hers up. I was told by a friend of mine and fellow officer about a guy that was very police friendly. I contacted him and turned Aza on to him. She went and had her work redone. This guy did a super job! The funny thing about him is that he does everything free hand, no stencil. I am very impressed with the work that he did on Aza, as is everyone that’s seen it, so I am going to get some cover up work done.

I really want to do something for my mother since I have the one for my dad. I just don’t know what. I have been leaning towards an Eagle on my back holding some type of memorial for both of my parents. Geez, this is a tough decision- obviously Aza’s opinion means a lot to me; she hasn‘t steered me wrong yet.

So tell me what you think or tell me what tats you have so maybe I can decide what to do. I do know that I what that S*IT on my back goneeeeee!!!!!!!

I’m Out And We’ll Talk Later.


Mrs. "Smith" said...

Hullo. I suggest that when you see someone with ink that is well done, ask where and by whom it was done. Ask to the pictures of the artist's work, and find out if the draw their own patterns. Didn't you know that rule #1 about tattoos is th NEVER get your other half's name because it is the kiss of death.
I've got 2 tattoos, and would love to get just one more, but I don't think it'll happen.

Berserk said...

I don't have any tats. I've played with the idea, but never committed to it.

Officer "Smith" said...

I don't have any tats, and I probably will never get any.

I'm superstitious in this regard. I firmly believe getting someone's name or image tattooed on yourself is the kiss of death for that relationship. There is nothing that is important enough to me to put permanently on my body, that I am willing to lose.

Maybe, when my Dad is gone, which I hope is a long time from now, I will get ink of him riding off into the sunset, but otherwise I can't think of anything.

Anonymous said...

Argh. Mine look like crap too, which is probably because (whereas you got yours done when the midlife crisis fairy came) I got them between the ages of 18-21 "because I could". Then, later in life, I saw GOOD work and am now appalled at the ink on my body. Horrible way to learn it, but:
"A good tattoo is not cheap, and a cheap tattoo is not good."
I've got some coverup work to get, myself. Luckily no names though.

Kojak said...

Mrs.Smith I know that I broke the golden rule. I can tell you it won't happen again. I am going to take my time on this cover up. Great Advice.

Berserk I said the same thing. If you get one, you will get two.....

OfficerSmith I died for sure, whew what in the hell was I thinking!!! Oh, I wasn't. I got my first one in honor of my dad. You only have one, love them while they are here Bro!!!

Kvegas I hate mine I really do. I am going to re-work all of them. The only one that I am not going to cover up is the one for my dad. Good Luck with yours!!