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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hollywood Divorce Update, Breaking News

Well, I don't know if I should laugh, cry, be mad, or rejoice but here it goes. I finally got THE call at 4:15 pm yesterday. My attorney asked me, “What do you think the decision was?” I replied with, “Who the hell knows!?”

So this is what it all came down to. The lying, deceptive bitch will get a lump sum of $25 thousand dollars and for the next 6 months I will pay her $1750 a month, plus pay her insurance of $500 dollars each month. After that first 6 months it will drop to only the $500 dollars for insurance for the last 6 months. So basically she is only getting 6 months of “bridge the gap” alimony, $25 grand and a years worth of medical insurance. Overall I am happy with that because 6 months of alimony could have very easily ended up being 5 years of alimony. The judge saw through the b.s.

Now comes the really, really screwed up part. Her attorney said in open court that he had accumulated about $9 thousand dollars in fees that he felt I should pay, but yesterday that figure jumped to $18 thousand dollars that I was ordered to pay. I also have to come up with $3500 dollars within 10 days to pay him. After the first 6 months of paying the bitch, I have to begin paying his fees which broken down will be $1083.00 a month till it's paid off. Well today the judge was looking over the order and had a pretty good laugh when he saw 9K go to 18K over night. He told my attorney that I would only be responsible for $10 thousand of it and the bitch could pay the rest. Regardless, I still have to come up with $3500 immediately. What really burns my ass is that her attorney shouldn't get a damn dime, my first responsibility is to MY attorney.

This is going to be a tremendous burden on me for at least 6 months but I am very happy that it was not permanent alimony or for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years. I am very pissed off that her attorney has inflated his fees, I hope he chokes in his sleep. The dilemma I am faced with now is what do I do with the car. There's no way I can pay $640.00 a month on top of what I am having to pay. I am going to make her give me the car back so I can try and get rid of it somehow. She has already ruined my credit once when her ridiculous spending habits forced us through bankruptcy. I am just now starting to recover from that so I don't want to damage it anymore. I can tell you this, I could care less what she has to drive and at this point she could walk her happy ass down the road. The only satisfaction that I am feeling right now is that this little train will end in a year then she will have to find another dumbass like me to screw out of what he has worked for all his life!

So now I get to figure out how I am going come up with this $3500.00 dollars to pay her attorney in 10 days. I thought about male prostitution but figured that I would probably have to pay them so I guess that won't work. The only thing that I am truly happy about is I have my best friend in the world behind me and beside me which is my Aza. The bitch can't take my animals away from me or my happiness. So I hope that little bit of money makes her happy cause it won't last forever.

I also want to thank all of you for all of your support and allowing me to vent. This has been probably one of the best pieces of advice that my sweet girl Aza told me to do was start this blog. I have come to really look forward to talking with all of you! God Bless!

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!


Evil Transport Lady said...

Well the good is you'll be free of her at last!

Hang tight!

Anonymous said...

I am gald it will finally end for you. But it is Robbery to say the least. She will get hers sooner or later. Hang in there. Rick

5150Wife said...

The silver lining certainly is that there's an end in sight. But damn. In the meantime you may as well bend over and take it. Sheesh.

And just where do they expect you to come up with a $25000 lump sum? And what the hell for? (Not that you really have to answer that)

I'm really REALLY glad you're on the downhill run on this whole thing. It'll be such a relief to get her out of your life.

Now don't be such a stranger, k?

Berserk said...

Wow. The courts are screwed up, aren't they?

At least there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Geez. That's messed up. She admitted on the stand to an extramarital relationship. Wow. Stay strong.

TheBronze said...

Theo, Damn! That sucks hard.

There's a bright side. And it's huge. I know it probably doesn't feel like it, but it could've gone so much worse. 25G's is a kick in the ass, but it could've been way worse.

Suck it it up for another 6 months to a year (like you've been doing) and this will be nothing but a bad memory. After that, it'll be all good.

$35k to get this bitch out of your life forever is a smoking deal!

Stay strong buddy!

PC Michael Pinkstone said...

There's the food chain; then there's the middle of the food chain; then there's the lower end of the food chain; then there's the bottom of the food chain, where you will find the creature who dwells at this point; then there's the waste produced by the creature at the bottom of the food chain; then there's the creatures that feed on the waste produced by the creature at the bottom of the food chain; then there's the waste produced by the creatures that feed on the waste produced by the creature at the bottom of the food chain ... and then there's attorneys.

You will have no trouble WHATSOEVER rising above such scum.

Fair play and good luck.


Kojak said...

Evil Transport Lady You are so right!!! This has been a nightmare! Thanks so much!

Fuzzy's Dad Well I tell ya she is something else. Thanks for the support.

5150Wife Yea I agree. That money came from a tax deffered program that I put it in. She had the nerve to have another family member send a message asking me to give her the rest of the money and she wouldn't make me pay alimony. Wow now that's a set! It is getting closer so I am trying to hang! Thanks for the kind words.

Berserk They really are. We blew her out of the water, but still got a little dinged!!! Oh well I guess it could have been worse! Thanks Bro.

Still Stacy Wow is right, she admitted to lying about the whole affair in open court. I aapreciate the support.

The Bronze Yea I wasn't really happy about that either, but what do you do. Check your e mail for some extra info. Thanks Bro.

PC Michael Pinkston I have to agree, but my attorney was the bomb. Her attorney was a complete ass. He whined and cried about the decision. Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

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Old NFO said...

Glad it's finally over for you Theo- at least it's only a year! That is the bright side... the dark is coming up with the cash. Hang in and hang on my friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that at least it's over for you! The ending sucks (the $ and all) but you do remember what I told you about my ex and karma, eh?