"I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis upon the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement." ~Calvin Coolidge

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A quick update

Well I have been getting about 40 hours a week at work so I have certainly been busy the last few weeks. The job has really opened my eyes to our judicial system, especially the side that we as police officers don't see. I have also met some really great people that now include judges etc. We are on first name basis so it is actually pretty cool. It is still a bit boring in a lot of instances, but I have sat in several murder trials that were very interesting. So I guess all in all I am settling in to my new work life.

I know I said in the last post that my next post would be Queen Bitch free but I figured it’s been so long since I’ve written anything, I should update on that aspect of life as well. I won’t lie and say that my nerves aren’t shot over having to be in depositions with her all day this Friday for the upcoming divorce drama. I can not believe that this has gone this far. She is so damn money hungry! Oh boy is she playing it up for the upcoming trial, she has been getting all kinds of testing done so she can make it look good. God I can't believe this crap. Now tell me what you think, I am in the mind set of answering anything about finances, but nothing else if it isn't relative since she is trying to base the whole permanent alimony issue on her disability. Please tell me if you think I'm wrong? The final hearing is set for the week of October 15th, I guess we will see what happens.

Aza and I have been doing a lot of fishing in the last 3 weeks. We started at a friends pond where we caught just a few little bream, hardly big enough to put on a cracker and a little bass. We decide to try another friends place at a hunting camp. We caught over 30 bream there so I cleaned them and ate them the next night. We decided to change things up a bit so we bought 2 salt water rigs along with tackle etc. and went to a well known spot. In a nut shell a buddy of mine that I work with caught a 15 to 20 lb Drum and that was it for 9 hours of fishing. Aza and I have been back 5 times since then and with the exception of a 4lb catfish that Aza caught we have been on a big fat goose egg ever since. Needless to say, I won't be quitting my day job to take up an anglers' life anytime soon. We both absolutely love to fish so we won't give up, but damn it's frustrating as hell to drive 40 miles one way only to come back with nothing. We are planning on going tomorrow (Thursday) when I get off. We are going to try a new place so wish us luck! Although it would be nice to land Moby Dick, I really don’t care if we catch anything or not, my only expectation is to relax and clear my mind before this garbage on Friday.

I still haven't bought a cheap ride yet, I am still looking. I love riding my motorcycle it's just a little annoying getting wet every time it rains (which is pretty frequent in Florida). Plus it just chaps my ass knowing she is driving a brand new car and I can't even buy a $1500.00 dollar car!

Well I am really tired and just wanted to drop a line to let ya'll know I am still amongst the living.

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!


Aza said...

I know you’re having a tough go of it hon, hang in there! I’ll make a pile of yummy comfort food this weekend.

Angie said...

Glad to see a posting from you. This divorce thing really sucks. I don't understand women like that, or how the system can let them get away with it.

Berserk said...

Good luck, keep telling yourself that maybe the courts will do the right thing.

Better idea: just remember that now you've got real friends in your life, no matter what happens, instead of being stuck with this bitch.

TK the Buckeye nut! said...

Been reading your blog for a while now and really not sure if I've ever posted a comment.

Good luck on your divorce! I totally feel your pain on the money hungry bitch thing. (not through divorce but rather through child support...hubby's son's bm)

Glad to see you are enjoying your job more. :)

TheBronze said...

Theo, glad to hear you're okay. Don't let the bitch get you down. Fight her all the way. Make her bleed to get whatever she gets. No mercy on her.

Take care and I'll say some prayers for you for Friday.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you also. Fight her all the way. And then some.Rick

Kojak said...

Aza Sweety you are absolutely the best! What more could I ask for a best friend,golf partner, fishing buddy, and ridin partner on the back of the beast! The total package. Love you and thanks for everyting baby!

Angie I am glad to hear from you! Yes I agree this just blows my mind. I am just glad it will be over soon one way or another.

Berserk Amen brother, I can only hope that this Judge will be able to see through all of this B.S. I appreciate it very much. Be Safe!

T.k. The Buckeye Nut I am glad to have you comment, please don't be a stranger. It has really been a challenge to keep a sane mind during all of this, especially knowing that she is putting on a big show for the court. Thanks for stopping by.

The Bronze Hey bro!! Yea I so appreciate the support, prayer is the only thing that has help me through this, of course my girl Aza has been phenominal. Please Be Safe and thanks for the e mails!

Fuzzy's Dad I can always count on you and my fellow bloggers for great support! Thank You Sir very much> I will let you know how it goes.

Anya said...

Unless I'm missing something, it seems like she was well enough during your marriage to do whatever she pleased, and now you're geting divorced and she's "sick." She's got a "severe" disability, but still running a business?! Something doesn't add up here, and it seems to me like she is several fries short of a Happy Meal!

Anonymous said...

Still praying for ya bro!!! She is such a pain in the ass. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this crap. My divorce was nasty, too. When he didn't get what he wanted he burned my house down to get even. They sound like they would be a good match. Hmph.

Anonymous said...

buddy, bro, my boy... whats up! sorry it's been like forever, I am keeping pretty busy myself... all work, no play. we go on vacation on the 17th...seattle for a week!!! hopefully we can get together sometime before we leave... we miss you two big time!!! take care, it's almost over... oh by the way it's me, k241

Kenny O said...

I'm on the other end of it.. I'm a rookie cop and a vet blogger... I have been blogging on sports for a while and just recently as of last night started my police career,, I enjoy your blog stop in and say hi at mine

Anonymous said...

Please help pass on my t-shirt idea!

-California COP

Old NFO said...

Hang in there guy! Good luck on the 15th.

Kojak said...

Anya I totally agree! I can tell you that without a doubt it has been a whirlwind of lies and deception. I do appreciate you commenting.

Kvegas I so can't tell you how hon how completely deceptive and vindictive this woman has been.Please take a look at my latest post of the trial. Thanks for stopping by!

Kenny O Hey sorry for taking so long to respond. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if I can help you!

Old Info Thank you so much!