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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Shoulder and Ear

A couple of years ago I met a friend of mine through his work at a local drug store, eventually meeting his wife, Aza, whom some of you may have stumbled across in the blogosphere and her dad. Her family and I hit it off from the start. Our friendship grew over time, eventually so much so that I became a member of the family. Her dad (who I occasionally reference and who occasionally comments here) has basically adopted me as a son. When my wife went completely nuts, Aza and her family were right there in my corner, providing invaluable advice every step of the way.

When my wife told me to pack my bags, I had no place to go, in steps Aza with a complete plan. She found a 5 star local Inn that would house me for a week, this cost her over $600.00 dollars, I was speechless. I had nothing but uniforms, a few toiletries and a couple of shirts. Once again, here comes Aza with clothes, food and a number of other things that I would need to survive. I knew then that this person was not like any other person that I have ever known.

Aza has been there for me through some very tough and emotional times, she has not left my side through any of it. I have listened to her intently as she gave me solid advice over a number of issues, always making sure that I was crystal clear on all of the issues.

I have never in my life laughed as much as I have since she came into my life, she is the funniest person that I have ever met. I know that I can call her at any time of the day or night, with any need and she will be right there for me, making me laugh with her cynical and sometime brutal sense of humor. She has made it part of her life to make sure that I am taken care of. I get a phone call each day to make sure that I am still alive. As I go through my shift she calls to make sure that I am okay and ask if I need anything. She cooks for me as well as her family everyday, never asking for anything in return.

This past Super Bowl Sunday, I really wanted to watch it, but I had to work the streets. Aza and her dad went to my house, cooked a full course meal, washed clothes, fed my animals (one of which is a kitty that I adopted from her- another post for another time), took out the garbage and cleaned the dishes. Now, she does this everyday, all the while still taking care of her family and a virtual army of animals that she has rescued. She is the one that encouraged me to start a blog assuring me of the therapeutic qualities of writing. She has and is continuing to design my blog, teach me the in’s and out’s of using it and she proofreads most of my posts.

I can’t explain to any of you how much I love this woman! She is the most loving, thoughtful and compassionate person I have ever met. She has a strong sense of family and fervently fights for what she believes in. I am convinced that she was sent by God to take care of me. I can promise that I will never do anything to disrespect her, or hurt her in any way.

I can only hope that if any of you could possibly have a friend like Aza, your life would be a lot happier and a hell of a lot funnier. Aza, I love ya! Thank You for all you do for me, you are truly my best friend!

Please take a moment to visit Aza over at Surreptitious Psychosis, I promise, you wont be disappointed, plus you will see how lucky I am to have her in my life!

I’m out and we’ll talk later.


Alison said...

You are so lucky! I took a look at her blog and couldn't stop looking! Great read... thanks for the link!

Aza said...

Geez, that’s so sweet, hon. Thanks. Only problem is now folks are gonna click on me thinking they’re getting a nice, sweet, gentle read when actually they’re in for a foul mouthed nut case coming back from a long hiatus.

Angie said...

I saw on my statcounter that you were looking at me on your statcounter ;-) Dontcha love technology!


She sounds phenomenal..you are so lucky to have such a special person as your friend...I will definitely check her out.

Kojak said...

Alison- I agree I am very lucky to have her in my life. I hope you enjoyed reading her blog. She is the best! Thanks for all the visitors !

Aza- I’m just glad to see you posting again!

Angie- Yeah, you gotta love it. This is so new to me. I try to look at everybody’s blog to see how it’s done and am adding to my link list. Thank you for sending so many my way.

Dixie Chick- Aza is absolutely my heart! I can’t agree more. I hope you check out her blog, I assure you that you will be a faithful follower. Thank you also for everyone that you have sent to me….