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Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy bee

Hey everybody! Yes I am alive and doing pretty good. I have been keeping myself busy. Well, let me back up, Aza has been keeping me busy. I had to get all of my signatures on my exit report from the Sheriffs Office as well as turn in all of my gear which took most of last week. It's hard when you have no vehicle, but of course Aza was right there for me! Wow she is absolutely the best!

Aza as you know has picked up the game of golf. I started teaching her a little over a month ago. I am amazed at her progress. I took her to play with one of my best friends from the department ("S"), a couple of weeks ago. The girl chipped in from 35 ft on the 14th hole right before the thunder storm hit. That of course was followed up by all of us high fiving and screaming like a bunch of idiots. Now she calls me all the time wanting to go to the driving range, setting up tee times etc. I am soooo proud of her, she is doing so well. The thing that I absolutely love is her attitude. There is nothing worse than playing with people that get mad, start throwing clubs and get all pissed off. Aza stays calm and just laughs when she miss hits or misses a shot. It really is a joy to be with her. We have a 10am tee time with just me and her in the morning, baseball with "S" and friends in the evening and then another round with some friends Wednesday. She is so excited.

Aza is such an important part of my everyday life. We talk about everything so during a conversation last week I exspressed that I have been gone for over a week and nobody has called me from my squad to check to see if I am alive. I swear I'm not whining, but damn! I guess it's a case of out of sight out of mind! She and "S" got all sneaky on me and what was supposed to be a small cookout at my place Sunday turned out to be a huge gathering of my neighbors and a few of my old squad mates. I was so thrilled to see them and very touched that "S" would do that for me. It was alot of fun with some great food. We went bowling later that night and of course had a blast. Aza has kept me so incedibly busy on my time off which has really been a blessing. She has such a huge heart and worries about me missing the job. Did I tell ya'll she is the best!!!!

My girl "S" who as mentioned above (and is one of the friends we golf with) I know and worked with in the department; "S" has been on the street about 2 years. We really bonded pretty quick while she was struggling with just being a rookie etc. I kind of took her under my wing and took care of her. She is a sweetherat and a fantastic officer.

So in short I am here, I will be posting more after I get settled in. I bought a new computer the other day. I hate Best Buy for what they did to Aza, but they had a super deal on a Toshiba. I bought it brand new for $399.00 dollars. Aza's dad bought one too so I am trying to learn how to use it. Does anyone have any suggestions on a free or close to free Word program that has a decent dictionary lookup/spell check? I am so computer stupid but I am learning. Well, I am off to chill and watch a movie with Aza so I will be back in the saddle very soon!

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!


TheBronze said...

Theo, great to hear that things are going well.

Keep up that positive mental attitude and lean on your friends, that's what they're there for.

Ron said...

Star Office (http://www.sun.com/software/star/staroffice/index.jsp) is available for around $70

Open Office (http://www.openoffice.org/) is free. If you go with Open Office, hold onto this URL as well:

Evil Lunch Lady said...

So glad you are alive and well! I've checked everyday for an update! Glad also to hear you and Aza are doing great!

Take care!

Berserk said...

I was going to mention Open Office, too. I don't use it, but my dad does (he's a lot more frugal and a lot more computer savvy than I am).

Glad to see you're still kicking & had a chance to get together with your buddies.

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest Open Office as well. I'm so glad to hear you're doing great! Check the old email, the invite to the new blog is there waiting on you if you haven't found it already...

TheBronze said...


Where's MY invite?

; )

Anonymous said...

oops sorry! i have lost all contacts and am trying to fish out email addys from old emails and find my blogroll through everyone else's blogs! have fixed now yay!

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Glad to hear you're being kept busy!

Lisa J said...

Been checking in on you often, glad you are doing well. It will get easier as time goes by, but don't expect all the old troops to stay in close contact. I do feel you have already figured it out, "out of sight, out of mind". That is very true. But it is ok, you are on to the next stage of life and enjoy it, embrace it, and accept it. I am having to accept a lot of things that I was not prepared to do after nearly 22 years on the department. When you have time and feel like it, catch us up on how things are going with the big "D". And I don't mean Dallas (that's a country song in case you don't know it!) Take care and enjoy you new busy life.

Officer "Smith" said...

I have been using Open Office for years and I love it. It has some minor differences from Word that take a bit of getting used to, but for free how can one complain?

Old NFO said...

Open Office- Free, works good, MUCH smaller file sizes... If you are running Linux, there are some other free programs that are as good and are free also. Glad to hear you're getting set up for the next phase of your life!

Kojak said...

TheBronze Thanks bro. I really appreciate it. It will all be good. I am looking forward to it.

RonI appreciate it Ron.

EvilLunchLady Hey I am here and so far enjoying myself. Aza is keeping me busy!!!

Berserk Hey bro I am still kicking it for sure. I have told Aza about open office. I am sure she will download it for me.

Kvegas911 Hey girl! I am doing well. Please send me another e mail I did not get your new site!Great hearing from you!

MrsSmith Hey I am doing great! Hope all is well with you and Mr. Smith.

LisaJ I am doing well. It has been a big adjustment but I am sure that I will adjust just fine.
I am so touched that you are checking on me. I will be posting very soon about the big"D". It is absolutely amazing what is happening with all that!

OfficerSmith Thanks bro! I hope all is well!

OldnfoHey thanks! I know Aza is going to check into it for me> I am really looking forward to moving on!

BJ said...

I am glad Open Office is mentioned as much as it is! I love it....also use Firefox (mozilla.com) for your web browser and Thunderbird (also mozilla) for your email. All free and it works better and safer than Microsoft products!!!

glad to see you updating again!