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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricanes, Strep and Mediation

Well we have survived “Fay” just to have “Hannah” and “Ike” breathing down our neck. Speaking of breathing down our neck, Aza and I went to Wal-Mart the other day and this young girl was behind me coughing, hacking and just overall yackin all over the place, mainly on my back. Now I'm sick. Aza is convinced I have strep throat because I took her to the doctor a few days back to get some x-rays and two women in the waiting room had strep. I missed several days of work because of the court house shutting down due to Fay and simply can not afford to call out with the flu. Now it looks like it could happen again if the Hannah rolls in the latter part of the week. I sure hope not because I don't get paid if I don't work. God knows I can't afford that when I have to pay 3k a month to Queen Bitch. The only reason I have to pay her that much is because my original attorney (the one I retained at the beginning of this whole mess) walked into the temporary needs hearing and signed away my soul. Queen Bitch's original attorney (the one that fired her as a client later in the process) made an outrageous demand and my attorney agreed. Needless to say I fired her immediately and retained my current attorney shortly thereafter. Unfortunately the damage (judgment for me to pay that amount) had already been done at that point.

So now, over a year later (this all started in July of last year) I have mediation with Queen Bitch tomorrow at 9am. This is what absolutely amazes me about all this, we didn't have a damn thing other than material stuff and she got every bit of that. I know you're probably getting tired of me whining about all this but that's just too bad, I feel like I have a reason. So when I show up at the mediation as soon as I walk in it will cost $195.00 dollars an hour with a 2 hour minimum. I also have to pay a $95.00 one time fee. Wow, I'm in the wrong line of work, I need to be a mediator. The funny thing is we all know Queen Bitch is not going to agree to anything less than what she is getting and she wants it for the rest of her life. Her attorney has already made it clear that they are going for permanent alimony. So really this is a waste of my time and my money. There was a time I would have considered helping her, but she can kiss my Big White Turkey Ass!!!!! Now if you're new to reading all of my divorce drama you are probably asking “Why won't you help her Kojak?” Well I can tell you she's a deceitful lying bitch, that's why! It makes me sick to my stomach when she shows up at court with no make up playing the part of the “I am so sick and can barely make it” act. It is a mockery of the system and the sad part is that she is benefiting from the game and that really pisses me off.

I have never been one to claim that I am without fault or that I have led a pure without sin life. I have certainly sinned yet I have always been man enough to say when I was wrong or admit that it was my fault if something was done that I caused. I just can not believe that she can lay her head on the pillow at night and sleep knowing that she is lying and manipulating the system the way she is. I can only hope that the old saying “Karma is a bitch” is true.

Aza has been so unbelievably busy raising the baby squirrels that came our way after the storm. Bless her heart she gets up every 3 hours to hand feed them through a syringe. They are so adorable and just so lucky to have a mommy like her, she is amazing! I am not sure I told you about the little baby chick that got caught in a rat trap that somebody left out. She got her left leg broken in the upper portion of her thigh. We have named her “Pogo”. Aza has many contacts in the veterinary field. We called and she brought her in to one of those contacts for an evaluation. The leg has a horrible break but we thought it could be saved. Aza felt as I did that a chicken has to have 2 legs for any real quality of life. That is mainly how they get their food. We opted to try and save the leg so she went into surgery to have a steel rod surgically placed. The last report was that she has done wonderfully and is recovering well. Lord only knows if this storms hits what will come our way, but one thing I do know is if anybody can save a life of a little furry or feathery creature it's my girl Aza.

So in closing I am on the couch sick as a dog. Aza has come over and is cleaning the pantry out, doing laundry, cooking homemade meatloaf, feeding the baby squirrels that she had to bring with her due to their feeding schedule and listening to me moan and groan, all despite having possibly separated or possibly re-broken two ribs in her back! Like I said before I am a lucky man!

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!


Officer "Smith" said...

It's really hard not to make a comment about the comfort of a $3000 pillow, but I shall refrain out of compassion for my brother.

Hang in there.

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Rest assured, she WILL get her due. And the longer it takes, the bigger the enema the universe will take on her.

PC Michael Pinkstone said...

1st comment. Thanks for the link :D

Reading this post was like being fed through a sausage maker. I got divorced 2 years ago but it was nothing like your situation. It's good of you to end your post on a positive note though - there's plenty of people who wouldn't!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Karma comes around for the Bit** real soon. I will say a prayer for you and Aza. Be safe and May God Blees.Rick

TheBronze said...

Theo, I don't remember, how long where you married to the ECFH?

Lifetime alimony seems a bit of a stretch for what, IIRC, wasn't a very long time.

Berserk said...

Maybe that's why they're pitching it as child support. :)

Come to think of it, child support might be the more accurate description...

Anonymous said...

Ugh. What a waste of oxygen your ex is. Thank Goddess that you don't have a kid with her.

Aza said...

Hey Anya, I've tried commenting on your blog but it won't allow blogger sign in's?