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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm here!

Okay I know its been a longgg time and I would love to tell you that I have just been so busy at work and I just didn't have time, sadly that was not the case! I really just have been busy with everyday life. I am enjoying being home at night and off on the weekends but I certainly miss those 5 days off.

I guess the most notable is the latest storm “Fay”. It was not as bad as we were thinking it was going to be but we as a city did have some problems. Aza's house has a few new sky lights that weren't planned. They had a few heavy tree branches fall on their roof that caused the damage. I hate that for her family. Her Dad will be able to fix that it's just sad that it had to happen. I experienced some very heavy winds that brought down a lot of large branches but the Good Lord kept us all safe including all of our little furry family members and those with wings. I did get a call from a friend of mine and fellow officer from the street. He called to tell me that he found 2 baby squirrels that fell out of his trees due to the wind. He had no clue what to do so of course Aza, my hero, without hesitation says bring them to me. So now we have baby squirrels that require a special formula. Aza of course had that formula so we went to work and made a big batch for the every 1 to 3 hour constant feedings. They are adorable and already have little personalities even though their eyes aren't even open yet.

Well I went to court yesterday for the 3rd time for contempt of court. I was not happy to have to take another half a day off because due to the storm I missed 3 days since the city including the courthouse closed down. Retired officers like myself do not get paid for days that we don't work so while I really enjoyed the time off with Aza and her family I really needed the money. So anyway, I get to court and once again had to prove that I was not behind in paying the bitch. Her attorney has to be one of the most ignorant individuals I have ever seen. The entire time we were in court he kept referring to the proceedings as “Child Support”. Of course after 5 or 6 times of my attorney telling the Judge that this was not a child support case and that we do not have children together I think he just may have gotten the clue but I wouldn't bet on it. The Judge finally just started asking me the questions so after I explained my side he ruled that it appeared that I could possibly been right and that I really didn't get credit for one of the payments. Even after the Judge made that statement her ignorant attorney asked him, “So what is your ruling?” Wowwwwwww, what an idiot!!! The Judge looked at him and simply told him that it appeared that I had paid all of the money but he wanted the attorneys to check with the depository and double check it. So the bottom line was that I didn't have to pay the witch $923.08. When she walked out of the court room she was livid!!! Well you know I was loving that. As per her playing the part she came to court looking like double death and I mean double death! It looked like she hadn't been to bed in a week, no make up and dressed like a 90 year old woman. Of course this is totally not how she looks as you know but she sure is playing the game! So for now, to recap: I have no children with this woman, no property and yet since January I've paid her over 18 thousand (yes, you read that right) dollars. Hence, she is winning and I am hoping her winning streak comes to an end soon. It's just not right she is being so unbelievably deceitful about all of this.

Anyway that is about it, she is still living in the suburbs, I'm in the ghetto with my furry family and loving every minute of it. I still don't have a car yet only a motorcycle so I am getting wet just about daily. Well that's it for now.

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!


Officer "Smith" said...

I'll tell you what brother, your divorce makes my first marriage sound like a cake walk, which it wasn't.

I do not envy you.

It is nice to know you're still kicking though, after not hearing from you in a while.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Glad to hear you and your sweetie survived the storm! And you have the heart to take care of baby animals! Bravo to you both! As for the wicked ex-she'll get her due, I believe in karma in cases like these.

Stay Safe!


Mrs. "Smith" said...

Good grief!!! What a piece of work that creature is. I'm glad all of you are alright, I was getting worried. *big squeeze* Let us know if we can help in anyway.

TheBronze said...

Theo, great to hear that things are "okay". Keep your chin up.

Not knowing about FL law (or divorce law for that matter) it doesn't sound like your lawyer is doing that great of a job for you. $18k sounds like a bit much to have to pay the leech.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can get the leech out of your life real soon. I agree with The Bronze. it sounds like your attorney is lacking in the doing his job department. God Bless You. And keep you safe. Rick

Berserk said...

$18K? Wow...

Maybe it is time to hire a new lawyer. And maybe the old one can sit next to the judge & nudge him awake every few minutes...

Kojak said...

OfficerSmith Hey bro, yea this has been quite the experience. I am doing fine just trying to settle in at the new gig! Be Safe out there.

EvilLunchLady Hey big hugs to you !!!! We are fine waiting on the next storm.

MrsSmith I sure never thought she would turn out that way. Guess you really just don't know people like you think.

TheBronze Yea my first lawyer is the one that screwed me so bad. I just hope the knew brings me flowers if she does thw same!!! Be Safe Bro!!!!

FuzzysDad Yea me too bro. I hope you are feeling well!

Berserk Well I have fired the first one so I sure hope this onedoes a better job! Be Safe!