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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And he will live to fight another day...

I really appreciate all of you stopping by to check out my blog! I am having a great time visiting new blogs and will be adding to my link list soon.

Now, on a very serious note.

Just a few days ago while on patrol, the alert tone sounded and the dispatcher had a different sound to her voice. We all knew that it wasn’t good. The numbers may be different from city to city but they all mean the same thing, OFFICER DOWN! I, along with the rest of the watches working, began a somber period of waiting.

The department I work for has 3,000 certified Police Officers, of course they don’t all work at the same time so it’s obvious that we all don’t know each other. The fact is, who cares, it’s a brother or sister officer and something is wrong.

A couple of officers on the Southside of town were working at a large shopping mall to make some extra money to take care of the extra bills that they took on since Christmas. A simple shoplifting call, should be pretty simple right? They were probably thinking, “We can knock it out, end our shift, maybe get home in time to hug and kiss our wife and if were lucky, see the kids before they go to bed.”

The officers arrive on scene, gather their information. In a hurry to get home, they decide they will split the paperwork and each do an arrest docket. The suspects are 18 and 19 years old. They have no real prior criminal history, so the tension is more lax than normal; that is until the 19 year old breaks from the young officer’s grasp and starts running. The diligent officer won’t let this suspect get away, so of course he gives chase never believing for a second that his life is fixing to change forever. The suspect is running at a pace that is untouchable for most, but not this officer, he’s one of the elite- a Swat Team Member. The suspect runs about a quarter of a mile with the officer right behind him yelling for him to stop. The suspect ignores his commands, that is until he falls down in a dried up retention pond. The officer sees an opportunity to end the chase so he tackles the suspect and a fight ensues that has him now on his back fighting for his life. The officer suddenly finds himself in a life or death battle because now the suspect has taken it to a whole new level. The suspect is pointing a 45. caliber handgun at the officer and shoots without hesitation point blank range 3 shots to the chest! The officer still with the presence of mind is able to draw his gun and returns fire striking the suspect several times in the chest, but that’s not stopping the threat. The suspect wildly continues firing the gun in an attempt to finish the job. Multiple rounds strike the officer in the leg, shoulder and chest. One round finds its mark tearing through his jaw. He now knows he may not make it home, but fight or flight kicks in. In our world flight is never an option in a situation like this. He then fires 7 rounds to the suspects head. The battle has ended.

A passerby calls 911 and directs the units running lights and siren to the downed officers location as well as rescue. The officer is life flighted to a trauma one hospital where he is rushed into surgery with 6 bullets holes that have riddled his body. He is alert and for now alive.

The surgery was a success and the officer, by Gods Grace will survive, but will need major reconstructive surgery on his face. The one thing that saved this young mans life was his vest that stopped 3, 45. caliber rounds and his will to live to fight another day. Now, the wife and child that he wanted to just go home to and love, sit in the intensive care unit watching dad with tubes down his throat only blinking to tell his family that he knows they are there and that he loves them.

We are never promised tomorrow, so please tell your family that you love them, kiss your wife or husband and children. Always wear your vest it will save your life as it did his! Please take a minute today to pray for our brother officer and his family. Be Safe!!!

I’m out and we’ll talk later!


Anonymous said...

Here via hottcops.blogspot.com

Will try and stop by from time to time. Good luck.

Alison said...

Will say a prayer, for him and for all that lay their life on the line. God Bless.


What a tragic story....I will keep him and his family in my thoughts today, and I will pull my family a little closer...

Enforcer said...

Prayers are in bro

Lizzie said...

I read your entry and i pray for this brave PO and his family

Kojak said...

Still Stacy- Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will visit again soon.

Alison- Thank you for the prayers, they have been working.

Dixiechick- Your prayers have been have been answered. Thank you.

Enforcer- Thanks for the prayers and kind words. I am a reader myself and unfortunately will now be pulling some off duty. I will get that book and read it.

Lizzie- Thank you for stopping by and for the thoughts and prayers.