"I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis upon the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement." ~Calvin Coolidge

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The countdown begins

I’ve got 8 more days until my mediation date with Mr. Ed. I really hate that it has gotten to the level of pure disgust that it has. I’m just so disappointed to think that a woman that I took such great care of and treated her grown children like they were my own, would lie about me the way she has. I am certainly man enough to admit when I am wrong, but I can tell you I have not done anything that would cause this amount of hatred that she feels for me in regards to this situation. There has been no affairs, at least on my part that she can blame this on however, she is convinced that I have. I honestly feel that she planned this entire scenario because she knew that I was the only one of the 5 husbands that she has had that amounted to anything. I know that she had quizzed me on a number of occasions about the amount of money that I will receive the day of retirement. She knew that it would be a substantial amount. I guess I should have seen it coming, but I was trying to plan for the future not thinking that this would happen.

I did find out that she is working 5 days a week, of course that is suppose to be a secret I guess. I just know that she has around 5K in her checking account, and I have lived off $20 bucks after the mandatory withdrawal for temp needs came out, her car payment and insurance payment were made. I had a friend of mine call up her new place of employment (she quit her old job and moved to this new one in an attempt to hide income) to see if she could make an appointment with her. The receptionist confirmed that she did work there, but was OUT OF TOWN FOR A WEEK! Are you kidding me?! When we were together she would never go out of town and half the time said she couldn’t work, now you can’t keep her behind in town. I’m sure she’s having a blast spending my hard earned money with her girlfriends.

I guess I can only hope once again that the courts will see through all of the lies about her not working, oh and the fact that since July 1st I have paid her 30K + dollars! Heh, she told them that I have only paid $375.00 dollars. The funny thing about it is, they believed her! It’s a good thing I saved receipts. I just don’t understand how I got myself into this $%^t! I do know that I am going to push the issue about a certain judge that regularly goes to her place of business; I think he should be issued a subpoena. My attorney is going to need to show a set because this particular judge works for the district where our case is being filed! I just wonder if that has anything to do with how I’m getting $%^&ed, I know he helped her find this attorney by her own admission. Oh the tangled web we weave!

Well that’s all I can think of for now, I’m Out And We’ll Talk Later !


Anonymous said...

Hi there... we have never met but I feel your pain. I went through a very nasty divorce years ago and my ex left me with zero - he even took my underwear (no kidding)- but it does get better - their is light at teh end of the tunnel.

What I found going through this was I had to point my attorney in the direction I wanted them to go in. I did most of the work and paid them alot of money.

You may want to consider having your case moved out of the jurisdiction you are in. Technically if the judge even knows you they are supposed to excuse themselves from the case. Push that point hard.


Anonymous said...

Oh my.

Berserk said...

Damn. Good luck in court.

Kojak said...

Thank you for the advice Rhonda I have got to stay on top of things. She has destroyed me financially, which is what she wanted! Thanks for commenting.

Still Stacy I just don't understand it. This will pass though! I appreciate you stopping by.

Beserk Thanks I think I will need it, just have no idea what to expect> Be Safe Bro !