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Friday, January 23, 2009

A long overdue update and prayer request

I really can not believe it has been so long since I have actually posted something on my blog. So much has happened, I’ll try to keep it condensed. We’ll start at Christmas…

Christmas was an absolute blast with Aza and her dad. She got me all of the safety equipment needed for my motorcycle, which I thought was incredible. I have never felt so cared for in my long 48 years of living. I thought when I bought my bike that I would be a macho biker and not get or need a windshield. So for 7 years I was one macho mo fo- with one heck of a neck ache! Since I retired and only have my bike to ride things have changed a bit. I am not so macho anymore. Aza bought me a Memphis Shades windshield as well as the lowers. In all spending a cool $400.00 dollars. I was so appreciative. I now wonder how in the world I went without this important piece of equipment. I used to have neck issues while riding, that almost completely went away. I have almost no resistance at 70 and 75 miles per hour on the highway. What a relief, thanks to my girl. She also bought the worlds loudest motorcycle horn. This horn almost sounds like a darn train horn, it is amazing and a great addition for safety. So basically she absolutely hooked me up, which I so appreciate. She is the best!

That huge surprise I was talking about in my last post? Well, we had an unexpected visitor on Christmas Eve. We were sitting on the couch and I thought I heard footsteps climbing the stairs on my deck. I look up and who do I see?, the future ex! Yep, that's right, big bag of crazy herself showed up at my house with a card in her hand. I was dumb founded and without words. I got up to open the door and she handed me the card and walked off saying “Just thought you should have this”. I again just stood there in shock. What a set of nuts! This woman has bled me dry, tried to make me look like a piece of dog shit in court and is still trying to accomplish this feat. The card was basically written using my step grandson as a pawn telling me he cries for me every night. I was not happy because she knows how much I love this child. Anyway, her disgusting attempt to guilt me back into her life didn't work. What it boils down to is this, she didn’t get awarded permanent alimony along with every penny I’ve earned for the last 27 years so she’s pissed. She figured she could show up, kiss ass and have me on my knees begging for her back. Hahahaha! Not likely you nut job! I have absolutely no reason to go back to living under that type of stress. So see ya!

I felt so sorry for Aza, I got a frantic phone call from her on New Years Eve around 10:30pm. She wanted to know if I had any connections in a nearby county. The reason, her nephew was killed in a traffic crash- he was only 20 years old. Oh I felt so sorry for her but as always she was and has been a pillar of strength and brought the entire family through this incredibly difficult time. God Bless her, she‘s been through so much but still keeps her head on straight!

Aza and I decided back in December that for the New Year aside from our regular local games we wanted to play a different golf course once a month for 12 months. It has to be a course that neither of us has played and it has to be outside of our city. She started a photo album and will put together pictures of each game at each new course. We started our first course for January in Deland Florida. “Victoria Hills” was absolutely beautiful and so much fun! She shot a fantastic score for only playing the game for only 7 months. We had a great time after as well. I got to meet some of her friends that live in central Florida and we all had dinner. We haven't decided where our February game will be.

I think I mentioned I may process with a smaller surrounding department. I decided to turn the application in to start the process. They told me to go get my physical and blood work done, so I did only to get a very scary and unnerving result. They told me that my white blood count was very low and to follow up with my primary care doctor. I of course was mad as hell but really more freaked completely out. Thank God again for my girl she has been my source of calm. I do not do the doctor thing. I honestly have in my own mind a significant fear of getting results of blood work etc. I know this developed because of all that I went through with my parents. Every time I took them they came back with terminal conditions. I just can not seem to shake that experience. So after all that I am going to follow up tomorrow so please keep me in your prayers! I will let you know.

So I am sorry for not posting, I have just had a lot on my mind as well as a lot going on. I will most definitely try a bit harder to keep all of you posted. I still am waiting on the judge to sign off on my divorce. This has been since Oct 16th!! Geez are you kidding me!?

I'm Out And We'll Talk Later!


Evil Transport Lady said...

Get your ass to that doc! I'll keep you in my thoughts, as I don't pray. I'll also send warm hugs to you and that great lady of yours!

fuzzys dad said...

I will pray for you. Please keep us posted on the doctor visit.

TheBronze said...

You know you're in my prayers, buddy! Text me on any updates.

TheBronze said...

P.S. Or call...

kvegas911 said...

I can't believe the gall of the wench. As if. Ugh. I will be praying for you (get your butt to the doc) and for Aza and her family in their time of need. My thoughts are with you both.

Mrs. "Smith" said...

You will be in my thoughts.

Old NFO said...

Thanks for the update Kojak- Now GET YOUR ASS TO THE DOC!!!!

RehabNurse said...


I really enjoy your blog. I worked with some very interesting police folks in my previous career...detectives, patrolmen, brass, etc.

Now with my imaginary nurse's hat on (we don't get those anymore--I had to fight for a blasted pin...)

If you really love her, go to the doc and live.

If you want to keep riding that bike, go to the doc.

If you want a chance to live to teach that grandkid to ride, go to the doc.

And finally, if you really, really want to piss off the ex, go to the doc so you can live a long, long time.

Don't live with this little bit of uncertainty. You've lived under the hail of gunfire and sh*t long enough....take care of yourself.

...end of soapbox.

Berserk said...

Good luck, and take care of yourself.

Kojak said...

Evil Transport Lady Ok I went and thank you so much!!! I always look forward to seeing you on my site!

Fuzzys Dad Thank you sir! I really appreciate it.

The Bronze Thanks bro! I really enjoy talking to you. You were the first to know! So you should feel the love !! ahahahhaha.

Kvegas 911 Thank you so dear! Please send me your info again I am trying to visit more. Aza was so touched and thankful.

Mrs Smith Thank you so much!

Old Info I went old one !!!!! Thanks!

RehabNurse I reall appreciate you stopping by and really enjoyed reading your comments. I will say I laughed alot and I did go !!!!! Thanks So much! Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Still Stacy said...

Please send my love to Aza. I had a 21 year old nephew that was killed by a drunk driver. I've been there. I will remember them in my prayers.